Organization Structure

Governing Body


  • The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Indore is the ex-office President of the Society.
  • The President shall appoint the Director and the Joint Director in consultation with the members of the society.
  • The President shall preside over the meetings of the Governing Body and Annual General Meeting of the Society.

Vice President

  • In the absence of the President, the vice president shall execute all the roles of the President.


  • The Director shall manage the day to day affairs and management of the Society, subject to the norms and direction of the ordering body of the Society.
  • He shall maintain the accounts of the Society and shall do all such transactions necessary for the successful functioning of the Society.


  • She / He shall furnish all the statements like the list of the Governing Board, the members of the Society, and the Audit Report of Accounts to the Registrar of the firms and Society
  • The Secretary shall maintain Minutes of the Meetings of the Governing Body. She / He shall carry out all correspondances of the Society. The Secretary shall conduct the meetings of the Governing Body and the General Body meetings with the concent of the President.

Project Selection and Managing Committee

  • It is a group of five people consisting of the Vice-President, the Director and Three Professionals who asses and evaluate the feasibility, utility and technicality of a project during the designing and pre-implementation period. The same Group Conducts Internal Evaluation and Study of the Planned Activities to accertain the result / outcome of the completed project Activities, based on the objectives outlined in the Proposal.

Finance Committee

  • The Finance Committee consists of Seven Member.
  • It deals woth the approval of the Annual Budget and Expenditures of the Society.
  • The Committee also assists the Society to tide Emergency Needs.

Joint Director

  • She / He is appointed by the President in consultation with the Director and other bebmbers of the Governing Body.
  • She / He shall assist the Director in Day to Day functioning of the Office.
  • She / He shall cordinate Health Project Activites of the Society.
  • She / He shall monitor the movement and functions of the Office Staff.
  • She / He shall take care of the Office Equipment and other Goods.

Center Incharges

  • The Center-in-charge is the Father Mission Center (Parish) under which the target Villages exist where activities are carried out on behalf of IDSSS.
  • He is a sort of Project Partner at Local Level.
  • His role is to facilitate the Superiors and Amimators and create a conducive Environment for Program Implementation.
  • He shall review and monitor the Program after activities in each village with the help of Animators.
  • Organise and Conduct Trainings and Skill Building Programs.


  • The Sisters who are engaged in Social Work Activities in the Mission Centers: They provide Guidance and Instructions to Grass Root Level Workers, like Paramedical Team, N.F.E. Teachers, S.H.G. Leaders and Village Animators. They attend Village Meetings and Camps.

Project Manager

  • Shall assist the Director for prepairing new Project Proposals, Designing New Systems and Procedures for Management, Prepair Monthly, Half Yearly, Annual Reports of the ongoing Project Activities, Helping to Conduct, Monitoring and Evalucation Program of Activities, and give Necessary Inputs toImprove the Systems from time to time.


  • They are qualified and Experienced Staffs who are Directly Responsible for implementing Projects related to Health, Education, Community Organisation and Livelihood Programs.
  • They work at three Levels: at the Office in Indore, with the Center-in-charge at the Parish and with the Animators at Village Level. They give Directions, Guidance and Councilling to Field Workers and help them to improve the skills of Communication, Interaction, Leadership Monitoring and Documentation. They participate in Major Functions related to the project in the Villages Panchayat, Block and District Level.


  • They are the real Grass Root Level Workers directly involved in the Community Development Activities.
  • They have good rapport with the Panchayat and Local Leaders; they motivate the SHG, VAT, Kisan Mandal and Other Group Leaders to actively participate and work for the People of the Village.
  • The Animators guide the people and enable them to get the benifits of Government Welfare Schemes in a Large Measure.
  • They organise Group Meetings, Village Meetings, Camps and Melas with the help of Local Authorities and Leaders to Benefit the people in the realm of Health, Education, Agriculture, Employment and Income Generation.
  • They maintain day-to-day Diary which contains the Details of their Daily Activities, which is referred for Prepairing the Report and Evaluate the Progress of Planned Activities.
  • The animators are the actual agents of charge and hence they maintain very good relationship with Village Community, and get involved in their daily problems and try to find Commn Solutions for Community Transformations.

Cluster Coordinator Team

  • It is a group of Ten Women Members engaged in Healthcare Activities in the Slums of Indore. It is a Registered Society also known as Jagriti Seva Samiti. They are associated with IDSSS. They help to Identify Vurnarable Families, Pregnant and Lactating Mothers, Children for Imuunisation, organise Health Camps and enable to get Institutional Delivery. They lobby with District Health Officials and Local Corporators for getting the Facilities and ammenities for the slum people, like water and Electricity Connections, Toilet Facilities, Waste Disposal Drainage and Road.